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Grunett: The opponent has not seen the close-up of Reid

This week’s Green Bay packaging will face Washington red skin in the outer card, wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping the key point of the red skin attack is Nature is Jordan Reed. The main coach Jay Gruden’s straightforward: “They have never seen the near-ends like Ridders. He is different, belonging to another species.”

Reed is difficult to maintain health in this season, and wholesale nfl jerseys from china he balls 370 yards in the last four games in the regular season, cheap nfl jerseys for sale complete 5 times. He promoted 120 yards with Chicago bear, 129 yards in Philadelphia, is a key player of the team asked the Dingguo Championship. Grinden emphasizes: “If you pack him, we also have Destan Jackson, Pierre Gar & Ccedil; ON, there is also running guards and other outer hands. I am Some offensive weapons are very satisfied. If they choose to block someone, others will have a chance. “

The packaging workers have restricted Jason Witten and Greg Olsen, respectively, cheap nfl jerseys online but the offensive style of Reed is clearly different from the above two.

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