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Dolphin coach: Josh Run needs to win the first four-point guard

Beijing April 28th, wholesale nfl jerseys Miami Dolphin deals, Josh Rosen, but don’t expect dolphins to take the first position.

Dolphin coach Brian Florez clearly said that Rosen will not have different treatments with other players of the team.

2 years ago“When Run came here, he must compete for any position he wants to play. Everyone in the team is so,” Florez said. “People who can perform excellence and try to help the team win in the training ground, such talents will gain a chance.”

The dolphin has a second round of this year’s selection and 2020’s fifth round draft cheap jerseys from china Arizona. This is a good transaction, but there are still many jobs to do in Loson in the last season’s lowest four-point guard (66.7).

Runson will have the opportunity to prove that he can become a short-term and long-term answer to dolphins. But the name of the main quadrant will not give him easy.

“You have to win the right to get this title,” Florez said. “You have to do this in the player meeting and in the training ground. Such a player gave him the title of this, I think it is unfair from many ways. You have to win this position.”

At present, the old four-point guards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, is the team’s main four-point guard. The last month of dolphins signed him with a contract of 11 million US dollars. The original main force quadruple Ryan Tannehill has been traded to Tennesi Toyan. Dolphins are ready to let Rosen and Fitz Patrick compete.

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