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[A version of the column] Gough and Wentz really become “the enemy of life”?

Ranking National League this season, the Eagles, Panthers, Vikings, Rams, are missed the playoffs last season, but this season has occupied the first name of the League of Nations four partitions, where Jared – Gough led the Los Angeles Rams and Carson – Wentz led the Philadelphia Eagles is particularly impressive. 2016 two draft were to become champion and second place, supposedly for their media will crown the “life of the enemy,” the name of the first ground is quite cliche, but because it is the year of the quarterback small, but the outside world for two rating not perfect, so the “life of the enemy,” the name of the first no one seems to mention, but to the two sophomore season of 2017 in terms of performance, do Gough and Wentz to dominate the troubled times, to become the new “life of the enemy”?


Really champion and second place in the history of the draft quarterback to become the enemy of life?

Union in 1936 began to implement the draft system, until 1954, the Cleveland Browns selected Bobby – Garrett, Chicago Cardinals (Cardinals beginning of the construction team spent 41 years in Chicago) selected Lamar – Mike Han, this is the history of the two quarterbacks selected in the first two picks for the first time. Then to the previous 1990s, this happens only in 1964 and 1971, twice champion second place third overall in 1971, which are the quarterback, and the second place Archie – Manning is Peyton – Manning old father. Obviously, in the long history of the past, the quarterback position is not the master of this.

Passing gradually coming era, it is recognized that an important quarterback. Until 1993, the Patriots selected Washington State’s Drew – Drew Bledsoe, the Seahawks selected Rick – Mai Leier, Mai Leier only played five seasons starting it, Bledsoe in fact win Super bowl once, cheap china jerseys free shipping been to the Pro bowl four times, but the most familiar, no doubt he became “the best player in history,” the background plate. In 1998, Peyton – Manning was elected champion, also from Washington State’s Ryan – Leaf became the second place, then do not have to repeat the story, the two poles do not. Close the 1999, Brown, Eagles and Tigers in the first three overall selection – Tim Couch, Donovan – McNabb and Achille – Smith, Koch and Smith’s career is difficult to look, but draft the General Assembly is the day of Eagles fans booed McNabb, but played a “quasi-Hall of Fame” level career.

And after a decade of silence, in 2012 that called the myth of “super quarterback bumper year” in Andrew – Mubarak and Robert – Griffin III was selected in the first two rookie season is concerned, as if the two Hall of Fame player is on the way, to date, the high hopes of the crown prince Andrew – Mubarak is about to be injured so far completely destroyed, while RG3 has not in this league a. Then again Demis – Winston and Marcus – Mali Horta Both looks pretty good guy.

Numerous facts have proven, as Bart – Starr and Johnny – Younaitasi, Troy – Aikman and Steve – Young, Manning and Brady, etc. “enemies”, and the basic draft pick lacks Contact , and the history of the same session champion and second place basically difficult to have the same successful career, Gough and Wentz really work together?

2016 NBA Draft

The spring of 2016, two former draft pick of the sign bit also belong to the Titan and Brown, then the outside world and the highest rating a few players are tackles La Leimi – Tangxi Er, cornerback Jay – Ramsey, defense Joey front end – Bosa and running back Izawa Kiel – Elliot, until March of conduct joint training camp with the school’s career day trial, the draft evaluation Gough and Wentz gradual warming.

Until April 14, is about to move back to Los Angeles Rams, with two first-round and two second-round and two three signed, the top pick in exchange for part of the Titans. Less than a week, the Philadelphia Eagles with two first-round, and the future of two hundred thirty-four each a sign bit, from Brown in exchange for the second sign. The two trading goals already very clear, the Rams will prepare a new home owner, while the Eagles select the rest of that one.

After a series of trial, the outside world for the understanding of Gough and Wentz, with a clearer outline: Jared – Gough has more talent, but seems to lack the combat capability; Carson – Wentz has enough maturity degree, but he only played in the NCAA secondary league, and no defender to play against the best universities, not to mention the world’s best defender. Talent or immediate impact? Rams should be how the election? This problem is typical of “bystander fans the authorities crystal clear.” Gough Californian, shaped like a “Philharmonic City” actor Ryan – Gosling, coupled with excellent talent, the original transaction lottery is directed at Gough go. The Eagles already discern the mind of the Rams, the second sign this transaction, choose Wentz’s favorite idea.

Then, Gough and Wentz became the ninth quarterback in the history of the champion and second place in the election.

Last year the draft there are numerous columns of Gough and Wentz comparison, a year and a half later, Wentz had experienced crazy and hit the rookie wall, Gough has experienced panic until the last quarter of the normal performance of the season to play, and now they finally It can be relatively equal duel on stage, whether they have fully met the standards of the professional arena? Who is more potential to become a superstar? The following is my analysis:


The most important thing is the quarterback passing accuracy. Before the draft Gough pass accuracy is the biggest selling point for this season is concerned, Wentz of hit rate of 60.9%, 60% Gough, look the same, right? But Wentz was capped six times this season, the catcher 11 times to get rid of, to exclude these factors, the real ball hits Wentz of 72.1% (Alliance 19), Gough is 67.2% (league 29), which is close to five percentage points of the gap.

Wentz season offensive mode is: most of the time to stay in the shotgun formation, fully observe the defense, to make handover ball or pass close shot selection. In addition, in passing mode, Wentz 55% chance this season will be shot in 2.5 seconds, which is because he would often choose to pass quickly after the kick-off fast, which in itself is a play can improve hit rate Therefore Wentz able to complete 72.1% true shooting percentage (in fact, not high), is determined to attack mode.

Gough season offensive mode is: stay the same most of the time in the shotgun formation, except that, Gough rarely handover ball to running back in shotgun formation raid road surface, is quite basic straightforward to use shotgun, it will certainly be passing; the second differences, Wentz has a lot of long distance from and after struggling to fling ran out of pocket, but Gough is nice to stay in the pocket , an average of two seconds this season Gough was shot 82 passes, seventh in the league a long time, you know, in addition to five of the top six black quarterback, on the left a long time Rogers the ball, it can be said that Gough the only one not often run the ball, but also impatience mountain quarterback in the pocket, which means Gough to try more long-distance pass, pass mode also affects the hit rate of Gough.

Another point is that Goff three weeks before the real shooting 76.6% (8 league), the last three weeks is 59.8% (the league’s worst), this is why? The key lies in the first three weeks of the opponent pony, red and 49, three weeks after the rival Cowboys, Seahawks and Jaguars, strength cornerback group significantly increased a couple of notches, the catcher can not help Gough completed pass, too dependent on the catcher’s play, is also a problem Gough lies.

Wentz: ★★★ ☆☆

Gough: ★★★ ☆☆

Pass pocket

Previously just said, Gough form of the game is to stay in the pocket more, Wentz season there after the kick-off much faster transfer temporarily can not find the relevant data comparison, in the end who’s pocket passing better? Gough is a private thought.

First of all, this season the Rams coach Sean – McVeigh to make Gough more responsive, so the chances of Goff stood shotgun formation is raised to 65%, beginning at Gough position from the start of the line of the ball seventy-eight yards operation, then pass a long stay in the pocket, in addition, Gough pocket pace this season has made substantial progress, know how to step on the outside of the red setter when double-teamed, and will not easily forced out of the pocket, which itself standard is a “pocket passer” game shape.

For Wentz, for the positioning of his has never been a “pocket passer,” he passes in the pocket most of the goals is to set a good pass quick passing, but a little longer after the kick-off time he also could not stick it in your pocket at all, as long as the pressure encountered, and immediately ran out of the pocket, running the ball or seek to overcome their own direct each other’s defense. Pass pocket, Wentz is not as good as natural Gough.

Gough: ★★★★ ☆

Wentz: ★★★ ☆☆

Running ability

Joint training camp a year and a half ago sprint 40 yards in the project, Goff score is 4 seconds 82, Wentz is 4 seconds 77, but if you really watched the two games, you would exclaim, Wentz in when the body is measured absolutely turn on the water! Because the gap between the two seems more than one grade, but by no means just 0.05 seconds.

First Test data joint training camp of the draft evaluation of the impact of future great, Wentz never be great care. And if you’ve seen the two men running speed when the ball is chasing those who pass rush to escape, in fact, the gap is not large, but why always present Gough Wentz much slower than the illusion?

Private thought, Wentz itself is not a “pocket quarterback”, so the number of running relatively frequent, brownie points will go up. Secondly, Wentz has like Rogers is so, to find the target when running in running ability can maintain a frequency very quickly, but Goff did this trick, he must be at a relatively slow motion, in order to maintain shot degree of stability.

Wentz: ★★★★ ☆

Gough: ★★★ ☆☆

Compression pass

Simple data, the compression hit rate of 52.8% this quarter Gough (penultimate league), Wentz pressure shooting 46.7 percent (the league’s worst). Goff in his rookie season on the show for the great fear when under pressure, but Wentz compressive passing from 65.5% in the previous quarter plunged by almost 20 percentage points, is worthy of discussion.

Gough problem is relatively simple, but simple in the face of pressure, unable to calmly pass action will do a complete, resulting in decreased hit rate. Sean season – McVeigh arrangements for Gough for about two-thirds chance stations shotgun formation, has 27.1% chance of using false true biography run tactics, took pains to do so much, is hoping that the face of less Gough pressure, so the compression rate from 44% the previous quarter dropped to 35.7% this quarter. in addition, the pace of the previous quarter Gough pocket this season has made considerable progress, let captured kill rate fell to 25.2% from 12.7 %, pressure the ball has not been resolved, but McVeigh there a way to hide the problem.

Wentz relatively complex problem, first of all, the Eagles offensive front passing success rate of 87.4 protective ranked fourth in the league, the problem is not on the pass protection, but Wentz since the end of last season, in the face of both sides when pressed more and more struggle, and do not know how in the pocket “on the step”, resulting in the rate of the previous quarter this season captured and killed worse. Secondly, Wentz more time just simply running to avoid the pressure, running the ball hit rate is not as good as natural stood still pass. In addition, I think the Eagles offensive weapons are also a problem, the season when the “old flying squirrel” Darren – Sproles early in the race newspaper, Wentz lack of a stable connection can come forward during compression target short-range passing , Wentz dangerous targets can only challenge again and again, the hit rate naturally declined.

Wentz: ★★ ☆☆☆

Gough: ★★ ☆☆☆

Long Passing

Data is concerned, the two long pass hit rate is 29 passed 12, then you can simply say that the standard of almost two long passes? not that simple! “Black Love who” always Nabuleidi nearly a decade without a long pass performance for things, but this season Blanding – Cooks arrival, Brady’s long pass rejuvenated, if it proves stable long pass, and objective factors are also related, in fact, the history of Brisbane and Rogers as strong as this and other hand-class long pass, every season can not maintain a high hit rate, cheap nfl jerseys and this is because long pass offense, and pass catcher ball protection have important links, so that Gough and Wentz’s long pass, it is better to talk about the two arms talent.

Look thick biceps and forearm Wentz, I know this guy of “unicorn arm”, Wentz college have repeatedly staged rainbow array to convey the ball long wings, a long pass probability Wentz increased from 10.5% to 14% of his rookie season this season, this season is not only to enhance short-range shooting the ball more, to enhance the efficiency of the long pass is also changed much. Repeatedly thrown into the professional arena flight distance of more than 30 yards of super-long pass, has 29 career touchdowns in mind there are 10 long convey array, Wentz is quite dependent on a long pass players.

Evaluation Gough arm itself not as talented Wentz, but this season Gough to pass action made a fine-tuning, reducing redundant arm movement, raised angle shot, plus 3/4 hand side able to send the ball high rotation and high ball speed “shuttle ball”, which makes a long pass evaluation of Gough’s improved a lot, and more like his professional templates Matt – Ryan up. Gough season long and there is not much shock rejection, but about 20 yards long bullet was able to pass the ball fall into the hands of the hands in a very short period of time, the other side is difficult to prevent.

In simple terms, about 20 yards Gyroball Gough better than 30 yards rainbow ball Wentz even better.

Wentz: ★★★★ ☆

Gough: ★★★★ ☆

Vision In addition to the arms and legs, the most important limb weapons of the quarter-saving are both eyes. Prior to the draft conference, the outside world’s evaluation of Gaofu’s vision is slightly better than Wenz.

During the Golden Bear Team, California University, Gao Fu should operate in the “air strike” passage, pick up the hands and four, facing the opponent’s intricate defensive system, Gaoff more adapted to quickly observe the chance of watching the goal of one or two And quickly judge, and even use eye fake action to move the defenders, when the regional defense and people are guarding, there will be too many gaps.

Wenz compared to Gaoff, with better kicking judgment, but the judgment between the electric and light stones after the kicking, Wenz is not as good as the Gao Fu, and the chance to show the opportunity of the ball is obvious. In addition, Wenz performs quite well when the observers are guarded, but in the face of regional defense, Wenz is not only slow, but also because of the judged errors.

Gaoff: ★★★★ ☆

Wenz: ★★★ ☆☆


This is a group of no suspense comparisons, Wenz Since the first week of the rookie season, Doug-Pederson gives him a very high offensive freedom. How do you want to come, Wenz is also very Visually, he can observe the standing position of the other party’s defender, the attack tactics, the offensive, the pass protection strategy, and even play the tricks of the west, the second grade has such a general wind, you It is even unable to imagine that the future is more experience in the career game, and Wenz’s presence will grow as the level of monster force.

Drinking, you are very young, you have seen that there is too much observation before the game, and rarely call the teammates, this season, Mike Wei is extremely successful for the transformation of Gaoff, and believes that the future Gaofeng will gradually improve their own. Game management capabilities.

Wenz: ★★★★ ☆

Gaoff: ★★ ☆☆☆


After a series of analytics, I believe that everyone has a clearer understanding of the two, and I have been 23 years old. The strength is the pocket pass and the vision, and the 25-year-old Wenz is over the end of this season. The pace command and running are more threatened. If you look for templates for them now, Gaoff is stronger on the road to Matt-Lan, and Wenz is like the “rough version” Alon Rogers, Gaofu is a better pass, Wenz is Better game managers.

Recalling a year ago, I still started a successful predictive career in Wenz. It was more successful than Gaoff. But today, if you want me to predict that the two people can get a better career career, the Wenz passed the ball skills, which makes me hard to have a big hope to his future. At most, it becomes an running version of Eli. More young Gaoff, some passing skills are just fisters but not rough, and there is a transformation of extraordinary and unruly, so that I will show my grandfather.

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