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The team’s four-point guards Alex Smith also mentioned that the team has lost competitiveness in the second half, the problem is too single in the way. In the second half, the chief cannot achieve its own competition plan, and the chasing is more and more difficult. This lasts continued until the end of the game. The defensive success of the other party restricted the offense of the chief, and Charles’s efforts have never contributed to the team.

At the group of professional football in front of the epidemic, the celebrity journey Marcus Alan (Marcus Allen) took the collective photo of the four-point guards of the famous Hall. And he now taunt this opportunity to ridicule his colleague.

There is no doubt that Charles’s touches will be more than 11 times in Tennesi Titan. In the first game, Charles conducted 7 sports tricks and completed 4 battles. The coach Andy Red (Andy Reid also said this phenomenon is a big phase of the tactical plan deployed in Charles before the player. At the time of holding the ball, Charles performance is not high enough, just ran out of 19 yards, catching a ball, which makes the chief and the victory. The chief of the chief point is only 22 minutes, and the offensive group has organized 56 sets of attacks. Compared with it, the opponent Titan planned 75 files.

Crow valued played fullback this season and tight end, which makes Brown’s appearance rate of less than Liu Cheng, and almost only vertical attack, there is little short-range ball forward, the upper limit of Brown’s career and perhaps also because the style monotonous and limited, almost no diversification play much after the physical contact, attack, will be an important topic of his career.

“Our idea is that we strive to create the most competitive environment in each position,” Smith said. “So some things have to be DeShawn learning & mdash; & mdash; all of these rookies are they too came to the team, there are many things about the pro game is that they do not understand..”

Charles should be more active in the second week.

In the unveiling battle of the team, the performance of Jamal Charles does not match, and how do we predict his performance? Maybe the results of the game are self-evident, but Charles’s performance is still worthy.

Despite the entry of the Saving Hall of Run, I used the passage to make the opponent’s defensive group when I was suitable when I was in the right time. He has achieved 6 pass to reach in his career, including 3 times in the 1983 season. He was successfully passed on the season.

& Mdash; & mdash; chiefs Mike Er – Hardeman ‘legs Kung Fu “class, then under the H-25 catches for 500+ yards and six touchdowns, once honed the ball, so that he may chiefs and Tyree g – Hill make up two-horse partner;

Cowboy arranges a new show Collins in the training camp

Dallas Cowbi is highly hoped to fall in La & Rsquo; El Collins, the team arranges him to take the right trip in the training camp. Because of the original main right cut Doug-Fri (Doug Free), Collins got his own first opportunity.

Collins said: “For Nfl Jerseys me, this is a completely unfamiliar new location. I have to focus on the details every day. I feel very good until now.” After returning to the team, the denim will arrange Collins to try the right. True position. If you want to appear in the new season, Collins needs to compete with Ronald Lear.

“We want to provide a competitive environment in the team. So (Watson) will participate in the competition,” Smith said. “(But) like I said, we charge for Tom and his ability to attack feel good, but (Watson) will participate in the competition, just in front of each player, he will have time to play.”

Texans general manager: Rookie quarterback Watson a chance to be a starter

In this year’s draft pick to trade up quarterback DeShawn – after Watson (Deshaun Watson), Houston Texans almost immediately made it clear that at the start of training camp – Tom Savage (Tom Savage) will be the starting quarter guard.

After adding the draft, Simonnes’s broker said that Cincinnati was signed him. The Houston media reported that Texas has signed with Howard. The remaining four players are still signed by any team as a free player.

You can guess answers if you don’t need to search. Allen will not send a photo in the famous guards in the celebrity hall without any reason and then mention quad-saving data. The highest-born person in this photo is of course him.

Collins who was originally considered to have the first round of potential finally decided by a murder case, then the cowboy and he had a contract for a three-year contract, a contract worth $ 1.6 million. It was originally like a tiger to add the cowmament with the strongest offensive front line of the league. Collins naturally hopes to be a member of this sharp line, and what he has to do now is to be familiar with new position, and keep health.

[Column] A wide receiver draft version of the small? 2019 session of the wide receiver became the new golden generation

The first 15 weeks of warfare, for many committed grappling playoffs, their season is still in full swing, but for many young people have begun to taste the professional arena is concerned, as if the Pig to eat ginseng fruit, not taste to taste already coming to an end. Josh Raiders – Jacobs and Nick 49 – Bosa already locked up Rookie of the two trophies, but other young people also need not discouraged, after all, a career high mountains, such as this year’s rookie wide receiver who they, they have quietly established its own golden generation.

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