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AJ- Green thank his teammates did not blame himself three turnovers

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ- Green (A.J.Green) Sunday performance data cheap nfl jerseys from china the point of view is not bad, but his mistakes almost ruined the team’s victory.

The game Green 7 catches for 189 yards and a propulsion touchdowns, but he also had three fumbles, one is struck off the ball, and twice failed to control the conversion to hand the ball steals.

Green said in an interview after the game:. “I had three turnovers, but the defense did not blame my brothers, Andy firmly support my other teammates have helped me out of trouble today, my team are preserved.”

This is also the reason why the Green can complete the ball 47 yards in the third quarter, he said: “Everyone knows me, knows how I kind of person, how calm I was, how I was ready to go to the game, so I I believe my next performance, so it happened, and I continue to prepare for the next performance. “

Green is responsible for their own mistakes, and wholesale jerseys do not mean to talk about their own mistakes, he is a player, and this is the reason why he can be in the league’s top level.

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