Solarium of Heart Talk

I watch the prophesized shipwreck

In the onyx of my ring


Curio seekers scour the earth for her

For the vanishing language

Of untroubled hours


I resurrect the lady leaning against sea and sky

Trapped holy wings in being too human


I find her shoulder sewn

Attached to the swell of wave

Curling back

To the polished bone


This day you find out who you are

In our solarium of heart talk

I pick up ghost pieces of her shine

White foam of her mouth crashes

Along my shore where she’ll always reside


A reckless angel who thinks

“I had my wings folded in”

“Forgot who I was”


Gather these connections

Grow to listen like a plant in the rain

Place flowers in each other

Filling the forest bottom

Of your troubled hearts


Groom the aching painted flower

To be more than arguments with God


Crows in dying light

Where is the wilder influence


Burrow down next to me and listen

Leaves blow inside this perishing body

The elder is lodged in the heart


Wisdoms demands hold to a child like dust

Knowing the fires magnetism until ash


Wait like a garden of wind

Bring yourself anything to grow

Whatever awakes the sleeping Goddess


My songs to you

Will scatter like ponies in the rain

One will stop by the high leak

Embodied in loves water


For where we drink

Holy fish fly

From where we were

Once without meaning

We feel the rise

Bones splitting into feathers

Amends to the fodder of paradise.



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