Inspirational Storytellers Meets The Shticks

It was such a pleasure to meet Veronica Anderson and her companions The Shticks last month when Veronica was the 1000th person to [Like] Inspirational Storytellers on Facebook. Since then I have called by to see what The Shticks are up to…and finally, I was  no longer able to resist extending an invitation for Veronica and The Shticks to come join us at Inspirational Storytellers dot com….I was not at all prepared for Veronica’s response…


Lol!! We are honored Veronica by your overwhelming response. We hear from The Shticks that your husband was reported to have commented that not even his marriage proposal elicited such a reaction! 🙂

We are so honored to have you and The Shticks on board Veronica ♥  WELCOME ♥


Hey readers, please go check out

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