We Are Not Alone

As we look with our physical eyes it appears that we are alone in the physical world. On the other hand, when we “look” with our feelings, with our heart, we “see” that we are not alone. I heard the following in a movie that I don’t recall the title to: “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” It’s true, there are mighty forces that will come to our aid and all we have to do is take the first step. It is also important to ask for the assistance of the spiritual realm, giving our permission for them to intervene on our behalf.

take-action2In a few words: Follow your inner guidance and take action – BE BOLD.

If you are feeling stuck I suggest that you take some action on anything. As we move, it initiates a series of events that would not have taken place if we had remained stationary. If you are not sure what to do about something, perform some research on the topic of interest. Researching a subject gets the “juices” flowing… ideas and insights begin coming into our consciousness.

questionAnother method is to ask questions and keep asking questions until the answers come. It can be the same question over and over again until you get the answer. Don’t give up, keep asking. As the ideas come take action on what feels appropriate. If it doesn’t work out modify and move in a slightly different direction or possibly in a completely different direction. We are on a journey and a journey does not normally go in a straight line. As a former pilot I can tell you, that even an airplane needs to make corrections, though it appears to be flying in a straight line. There is nothing wrong with taking action only to find out that we need to make a correction and move in a different direction.

compassMany times we don’t take action because we are not sure if we are making the right decision – taking the right action. We are fearful of making a mistake. My feeling is that if I am not making mistakes I’m not taking enough action. As we take action we receive guidance about necessary adjustments via insights, feelings, and other means, too numerous to mention. If we do not take a step in one direction or another we are drifting backwards, rather than progressing forward. We need to be moving forward with intent to make corrections on our course. We came here to experience life and expand; we cannot do that by standing still.

The following poem by W.H. Murray sums it up nicely:

Until one is committed,
there is hesitancy,
The chance to draw back,
always ineffectiveness.
Concerning all acts
of initiative (and creation)
there is one elementary truth,
the ignorance of which kills
countless ideas and splendid plans:
that the moment
one definitely commits oneself,
then Providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur
to help one that would never
otherwise have occurred.
A whole stream of events
issues from the decision,
raising in one’s favor all manner
of unforeseen incidents and meetings
and material assistance,
which no man could have dreamed
would have come his way.
I have learned a deep respect
For one of Goethe’s couplets:

Whatever you can do,
or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius,
power and magic in it.


successI can personally attest to the fact, that by being decisive and initiating the process (rather than waiting for everything to be perfect), doors open that are totally unexpected.

Nothing significant happens until we make a commitment (even a small one) and move in the appropriate direction. I encourage you to act and make adjustments as you go. Don’t wait until it’s all perfect. Precision will come with the process… with forward motion and corrections as you go. As you do so, mighty forces will come to your aid.


Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,




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