The Owl Messenger

I drink the inner bark of Pau D Arco

Through the rings of these dreaming trees

I watch the earth in the deep immensity

Scrying the stars for an elders story

I offer corn meal and sage

Deer rib and red clover

To the mother of us all.


I her follow her soul tracks

Over rain pocked ice through saplings

Over logs and bark flakes in the deep

Wintering of my life

Lies the owl foot in my next step

Yellow skin and talons

Lying in ice crystals

The rest of the bird no where


To see the owl messenger

Stops me rushing through my life

Moon returns its light

Through smoke and rattle transforming

Into the elder wings brush thoughts

Ride the drums energy beyond time

And find her there wings still flying

In the medicine of her foot left behind

Wing beats of healing song

To the rhythm of my flight



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