Turn It Over to a Higher Power

There is a higher power available to assist us with our problems and aspirations, enabling issues to be resolved and desires manifested, in harmony with the greater good. Trust is a powerful ingredient in this process, assisting us to navigate the straits of life.

higher-power-handsThis practice has never failed me. When facing a challenge, you can say, “I turn this situation over to a higher power” or “I turn this situation over to universal intelligence.” Say whatever you want – whatever feels right for you. For example, you could say, “I turn this over to Spirit for my highest good and the highest good of all.” When I do this, in my mind’s eye I see myself placing the situation into two very large hands.

trustI have found that this method is much more effective when I feel trust. I have effectively used this for years without incorporating the feeling of trust, but with practice, have found that it is much more potent and easier when I feel the energy of trust. If you cannot bring forth the feeling of trust, it may help to think of someone you trust; notice the feeling of trusting them first. Then feel trust knowing that a higher power is orchestrating events perfectly for you. A higher power is dealing with your problem efficiently and effectively, behind the scenes so to speak. This allows you to forget about the situation (I know that’s easier said than done) and go about your life knowing that your challenge is being handled, or your request is being created. If doubt creeps in at some point, I remind myself that I have turned the situation over to a higher power and revisit the feeling of trust. I do this knowing that I have initiated the process and the situation is being taken care of, that I no longer need to be involved, except for following my inner guidance, taking the appropriate action, and trusting in the process.

puzzledLooking back, as I was going through challenges and turning them over to a higher power, it did not appear to be working while I was dealing with a problem, or while I was waiting for an aspiration to manifest. However, over a period of time the energy eventually shifted and as a result the situation has always been resolved to my benefit – it has always worked. It may have taken more time than I would have liked, but turning the situation over to universal intelligence and employing trust has never failed me. Trust along with patience, and allowing the universe to work its magic, is essential for success with this approach.

After turning the situation over to a higher power, insights will come in the form of actions you are guided to take. To maintain the flow of energy, it is important to follow this guidance, operating in harmony with the universe as it synchronizes events in your favor.


Be joyful, embrace life and thrive!

With love,




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