With Total Strawberry Bliss (Oak tree part 2)

strawberry-girlNow, how do I get from acorn and oak tree to strawberries? I just love, love, love this image. It brings me joy and it so matches how I feel right now: I am in total strawberry bliss – only that my strawberries are all these little miracles and connections that have appeared in my life: So much magic has happened since my dear friend Rosa, had sent me the note: ”Love awaits you under an old oak tree” just a few days ago. Her acting on her intuition to share that sentence with me has set in motion sooo much: I paid attention to a metaphor in a book I was just reading with an oak tree and acorn, then decided to write the blog below, searched for images, and while doing that found http://inspirationalstorytellers.com/ – a great website, I was speechless: This felt like I had stumbled into a garden full of blossoming kindred souls: A website full of inspiration, story tellers, stories, poetry, and more.

I contacted the founder, Lynne Ralph, to let her know how much I appreciated her site, and – both very (!) tuned in – we instantly recognized our soul connection and divine appointment and trusted our intuitive knowing that we were put together for a purpose greater than us. What we each are about matches and complements what we are here to do.The past few days flew by while I was immersed in updating my LinkedIn profile, opening my first twitter account, assembling a short bio and more, so that they would have the necessary links, photos, and info needed. And today ‘Inspirational Storytellers’ published my first blog (‘Marvelous Metaphor: An Oak Tree Brought into Creation’) on their site and welcomed me into their storyteller community. Wow! That feels so good! And all that because Rosa followed her intuition to share that sentence with me, and I followed a whole chain of intuitive nudges to land on ‘Inspirational Storytellers’ website and then get in touch with the founder, Lynne. A whole lot of ‘just do it’… paired with resonance and alignment.

inspired-actionTaking inspired action will always reap some kind of reward, whether that is sheer experience or – like in our case – a whole new creative adventure. 

Of course, it also helps when all players are this open to stepping into the Unknown and totally trust the way it feels, trust that when something feels this guided that there is more to it. And listen we did… all three of us. But listening is not enough – we have to act upon it, too.

They love my work and want to help me get my creative work out. I love what they are about and how they contribute to the world: What/who you seek – also seeks you. So true every time! We are so aligned, even use a lot of the same words, and I live currently in the UK, while she lives in New Zealand. With the internet such long distance connections are easy, because consciousness has no distance, and you can feel whether someone is authentic or not, which is why more and more you will see that those creative spiritual enterprises and people will succeed, who are authentically being themselves. People don’t want fake’s anymore. That’s great news!! Let’s be ourselves. And, if you don’t know who that is, invite your Self onto a creative adventure and find out.

san-gimignano-bestWe are pondering co-creating and co-leading a themed writer’s workshop together in Italy in 2014  along with the Inspirational Storyteller team. Which is mind boggling since I am also in the middle of  preparing my own retreats and packages, and had just (!) decided to go to Kaua’i in September and to keep Italy open for this summer 2013 because of other dates that are not clear yet. And there Italy is again, calling loudly. Okay, Italy, we are coming: A themed writer’s retreat in 2014. My own visionary  Intensive/Retreat in Italy summer 2013 is for really spontaneous visionaries and creatives, because I have to keep it open until all other dates are settled… but sometimes, a last minute choice brings sweet surprises.

Every step reveals the next, so take inspired action, but don’t plan too far ahead and let go of any expectation or projection or you may block the magical outcome that is there for you… because the universe can think much bigger than you, trust me! When you feel a true calling to something, then who knows what the reason is… 🙂

Just one big fat WOW – and WOW! again.
with total strawberry bliss,

☆✩ storyteller Tanya ✩☆


Check out Inspirational Storytellers here:   http://inspirationalstorytellers.com/
Check out Rosa’s Creative Dream Companion here:



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