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Do you Love yourself? Are you your favorite person in the whole world? Do you love your body now as much as you did when you were a child? Do you know that you chose to be born into your current form? Does it feel good to be in your body and to see its reflection? If you answered no to any of the above, realize that the concepts of non-Love are learned. The good part, however, what is learned can be un-learned.

love-yourselfThe truth is that in different societies, current self concepts might turn out to be totally irrelevant and useless. A certain body type may be attractive here, but not necessarily there. Do you believe it is essential to be a certain size before you can love your body or that it is healthier to maintain a certain weight? Every person is unique, so it is not necessarily true that what is right for one is also appropriate for another. In addition, it doesn’t always follow that those who are the correct weight are healthy. In fact, there are, for such an advanced society, too many unhealthy people of all shapes and sizes, why is that? There are many reasons, but primarily the growing and processing methods of the food we eat and the concepts and beliefs held by individuals, which regulate the energetic vibration of the Light Body and play a huge part in the state of well being–even more than the diet of the person, a concept not embraced by most. Added to this, we are being fed information about what is healthy and what is not, but still un-wellness pervades.

Light-Workers, living in the last vestiges of the so called civilized world, have reached the point where they must depend upon one another and the Internet for valid, alternative information about making the transition into the new vibrational frequencies that define the next Earthly environment that officially began in December of 2012. The wisdom and knowledge of this new, young civilization is being transmitted, through special Divine Dispensation, to those designated to receive it–those with a life purpose to be transmitters of this information. It is no coincidence that so many people are now channelling words from the Higher Realms, for many versions of the new information are needed to reach those on varying vibrational levels.

reclaim-powerFeelings must be used to determine which information resonates with the vibration of each person. The time has come to fine tune the Solar Plexus, the Seat of our Soul, so that one may learn the Art of Discernment. This talent will be essential for energetic survival in the higher realms, for there will be no guidebooks or gurus there. It is a process of reclaiming your power and belief in yourself above all.

Currently on Earth there is a grass roots culture forming, especially among Light -Workers. Wisdom and knowledge is primarily being obtained by Googling questions on every aspect of life, from wellness, to what to eat, how to think and even what to believe. The reason for this is because many no longer have confidence in what they see around them and it is becoming known that wisdom is coming through those outside the traditional sources of knowledge.

Even the mainstream scientific community is opening its mind to what was once considered to be out of the realm of the possible. Modern Science has only been around for a short time, compared to how long the Earth has been inhabited by even more advanced civilizations. According to historians, the Earth has been populated by humans for only a few thousand years, but we are finding out that is an outdated notion, just as was once thought that the Earth was flat.

question-everythingThe new trend is to question everything that has been traditionally taught and validating it either with online research on spiritual websites, information from other Light Workers or even wisdom that one might channel themselves. There is an immense amount of information available to allow one to become informed. After compiling this knowledge, feelings and intuition must be added to the mix to make a decision that is right for each person. As intuitive powers are developed, the process becomes easier and more natural. Eventually new lifestyles will begin to form based on revised beliefs and a fresh set of truths and values, custom tailored to each individual.

In days past, people had to rely on values and teachings that were learned from family members or teachers. Knowledge was limited and generally the same for everyone. People were at the mercy of those who held the knowledge of the culture, whether it pertained to them or not. Today, virtually all knowledge is available to most of the population, allowing humanity the opportunity to expand by leaps and bounds. It’s an open mike and wisdom is being integrated almost immediately. At any moment it is possible to Google anything and search for an answer or even attend a spiritual seminar right from your home. Today the process of searching for answers has taken on new meaning, the results are instantaneous.

Zi’antha through Wendy Ann Zellea


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