Light Dancing on Water

Today, I felt the desire to bring beauty and sparkles to you through one of my favorite poems so far. Please, take a moment to deeply let this nourish and love you at your core. Let the image tell you its story and and let the energy elevate your being. Enjoy!


Light Dancing on Water (Part One)

Loving Light Dancing on Water

Lucid diamonds in the sea

you, divine Beloved… darling from beyond this earth

are what it is I smell and hear – and what I always see


Sun rays mirror your perfection

more magical than ever before

it is my honor and my pleasure

to reflect who you are… forevermore


Moonlight sends its midnight light

the stars caress the heavenly sky

while children fly with freedom angels

after the last day said good bye


The colors of a moonlight rainbow

crown your raving royalty

your sparkle, shine and awesome wonder

shows that Spirit loves to be


The morning dawns with flaming skies

such glory in this newborn day

the splendour of your sacred journey

your soul forever on its way


The sun now rises, day gets brighter

the fire of your energy

moves and grows and heightens beauty

cell-ebrating divinity


Molecules of Love in form

dancing diamonds of brilliant delight

your dreams came true

for you ARE your visions

A delicacy of creative might


Deliciously you delve divinely

into the ocean of all living

you, Beloved, are unique

and are receiving as you’re giving


As light dances on water

on the sapphire and jade of the sea

where a hint of turquoise says: “I love you!”

and your Spirit whispers:


“Blessed Be!”


Copyright © 2012 Tanya von Zychlinsky



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