Painted Vision

Deep through this painted vision

Under the veinous hues of my hand

The ancients come through

Earthen stone desert power

Bridge of the eternal

Call us close

This crystallized story

We travel a far horizon

Learning our own colors

As we learn the ancestors

Come through for us all

Source of all life renewed

In this ritual weave of wrist

Wind stirred headdress

Igniting granite and spruce

Hands and ears of cedar and fire


My passage leaves a charcoal

Design of the cosmos

Skin of mountain shadows

Nomadic clouds

Where seeds are growing

Beneath what we feel


This nesting season

In the dream body

Center of all horizons

Drum beats weaving the circle

Sprouting new gods and goddesses

Our souls free wandering

The inner vision

Truth held above all else

By heart stories

The way the world use to be

And still is



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