New Energy Spots

I am from Atlantis.  I am from Lemuria.  I am from Pleiades and I am from Sirius.  I have lived in Ancient Greece and sat on the throne of early Celtic kingdoms, but currently I live in New Jersey.  This place on Earth in which I now dwell, is being born and nurtured, by me, to be a power spot of the future.  What makes this so, you may ask; it is because I am holding the light and rising to the highest vibration of the New Age that man has seen in eons. It is not only me that is doing this, there are many light workers all over the globe who have dedicated their lives to holding as much light as possible and raising their vibration as high as possible. What makes my place on earth a power spot now?  It is because I am currently living on a significant point on the Earth’s energy grid and holding that spot so that the grid can be secure.  I am meant to be here and by doing so, I am fulfilling an important part of my life’s purpose.


earth_grid1There was a time when the Earth’s energy grid was complete, but as the vibration of humanity diminished over the ages, the integrity of the grid weakened and became fragmented, resulting in a dis-communication of the axitonal lines that connect life on earth to the cosmos. The purpose of this connection is to maintain and regulate the quality of life on this planet and the life forms that inhabit it.  When the signals are weakened, life must work much harder to maintain its optimal condition. In other words, as we can see, things begin to deteriorate.


Fortunately for us there is Divine Grace, meaning that for some mysterious reason, just at the right time, when it was needed most, man has awakened his consciousness to the awareness that we had better do something quickly or else! In addition, there has been a Divine Dispensation, allowing much-needed, higher vibrating information to be transmitted from Angels, Ascended Master and other highest beings, to those willing and able to open up their hearts to receive it.   Because of these events the necessary energy tools are available to make this evolutionary process occur more easily and quickly.  We have been provided with the means to let go of the denseness that has kept us trapped in the Collective Consciousness and we are now able to rise to blissful higher realms while still living in our three dimensional bodies on Earth.


atlantis1sMany of us are able to remember those incarnations we experienced in Atlantis, Lemuria, and other ancient cultures in countries that still currently exist, such as Egypt, Ireland and the Americas. It is all well and good to remember these days and these lives, but that’s not try to re-create what we have already experienced and let us not forget that these societies did not meet the ends to which they strived. Instead, let us look forward to a highly evolved culture that we have just begun to create.   These are the first days of the next Golden Age, the one that will flourish and not fall, one that will succeed and the one that we are now building. We are beginning to see the fruits of our work, and our hopes and our dreams.


The key now is to be creative. We are in uncharted territory, there are no guidebooks  and no manuals. We are our own gurus and teachers, for only we know the path we should follow and the actions we must take to accomplish our goals, but keep in mind there are no mistakes, because if something doesn’t work, it will only lead you closer to the answer. Yes, this is it, the beginning of what we have worked and hoped for.  Observe it with joy, relish it with wonder and give thanks that you were blessed enough to be part of it.  Realize the magic of life and learn to dance to the rhythm.


I am Zi’antha, Keeper of the Principles of Divine Grace.



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