Divine Imagination Meditation

Did you know that nothing whatsoever can be imagined unless it already exists. Thought is a reflective process.

Close your eyes and with your divine imagination immerse yourself into the following scene.

You’re standing barefoot on soft, luxuriant green grass in a shimmering alpine meadow, high in the mountains on a distant exotic planet. Waves of rainbow colours undulate through the sky as wild flowers dance and sway, reaching for the heavens in a joyous celebration. A sweet heavenly aroma fills the air, saturating all of your senses. In the distance a majestic grizzly bear casually lumbers along a whispering, meandering stream. Meadow larks dart through the air like cosmic acrobats as a luminescent silver eagle soars high above in a crystalline azure sky. Three glorious suns drench your body with rays of liquid golden love.

It’s beautiful isn’t it? Of course, we all imagine it differently.

Since your eyes are closed, how is it that you can see this picture?

It is your true self, soul, seeing with higher senses. This is a very small taste of who and what you truly are. This is your divine imagination, a gift from God, which knows no bounds.

You are the sun, the prism, and the rainbow. You are soul, eternal, a resplendent spiritual being, child of God, perfect and free.

It’s all up to you …

Imagine the very best in your life and take the necessary steps to make your dreams a reality.


Divine Imagination – Meditation in mp3 format



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