“Proclamation of Excavation”

By the long moon of the crows

My hands feathers help give the wind a ride

Emptying my many selves

Into one shining flock

Place where we all begin

Late in life – able to see the vastness


This cloud truth of our nature

Dissolving into itself

I put the wafer of the moon

Under my tongue – diamond stillness


I have died here many times before

In this space of power

After the old shape gives way

My white hair fall’s a dream death


Leaving the body sheath behind

I spiral into the ancient gathering

Piercing bone whistle

Through the fevered night

Drums held up for the wind

To play the life song

Of my inner village


Skeletal change humming

Past the invisible cage

See the cocooned mind

Built things up over the years

Now falls away

In tender resolution

For the higher self


What ever we learn comes after

The contradictions of hungry brain

Tethered bird – in a skull of sighs

Reborn between blades

Of whirling thought


Purple wings pass through me

Vacuuming the dust

From my eyelids

Stretching my presence

In fragrant visions


Traffic of stars inside

Glittering pieces of the world

In tender exaltation

This book of wind reads

All worlds inside me

Close to everything now – even this drifting poem


Along the colors of my body

A proclamation of my excavation

Taking the suns glint

In wordless knowing



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