Ask for Money


Many of us that work on the spiritual field find it very difficult to ask for money. The usual presumption is that money is the root of evil, that it changes people, and causes people to do bad things. Many wealthy people get bad looks when they drive around in their nice cars, or when they are dressed so debonair. Mostly because we think being rich is associated with being greedy and therefore a bad person. So sometimes we think that if we ask to get paid for our services that will make us money or even wealthy, it’s wrong because it will make us look greedy or like a bad person. Especially when we’re getting paid for something we love to do. We think, “Well I love to do it, I enjoy doing it, so why should I get paid?” And feel bad for getting paid for something that brings us joy.


Money2Time to seriously break that mindset. Not only is this service bringing you joy, it’s providing someone else with joy. Money is a tool, only a tool, that if used right, and in the right hands, can help many people, and launch many dreams. I’m not saying we need money, so allowing yourself to get caught up in thinking you can’t start until you make money is also a negative outlook. I like to think of money as an energy that runs through us when we have good intentions with it.


Think of those people in your life that you didn’t want around, you would gossip about them to other friends, and you just couldn’t stand being around them. Well if you think of money in this way, then why would money want to be around you? So, if you think of money as a good energy rather than bad one, when you ask for money, it just becomes an energy exchange, rather than something you are taking away from others.


Christmas-giftThink of Christmas when they say “giving is receiving”. We’ve all felt the great rush when we give someone a gift that they love. Or when you are at lunch with a friend and you say “I got it”, and spot the bill. Think of how good that feels. It’s a gift in itself. Did you ever think that if you let someone have the same opportunity to give you something, it is most rewarding for them? Most of us don’t realize that when we ask friends, family, clients, or whoever for money, we are “giving” them an opportunity to give. We are actually acting in an energy exchange. So when we don’t allow someone to pay for our services, we’re actually robbing them of the gift of giving. I understand money is a hard subject to bring up, but I like looking at it as an energy exchange. So, now you know that asking for money will be a lot easier, positive, and rewarding experience not only for you, but for the giver too.



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