“What is Your Greatest Expression on This Planet?”


Today I shared a watershed moment with a dear friend. We both felt the movement to embodying the greatest expression of ourselves. So many new aspects of our divinity have landed in of late and are asking for expression. What is the gift that I came to give? What is  my highest truth? What is being called forth in this now moment? As we played with these questions, my heart answered. Has yours?


It may surprise you that your gift is not what you perceived it to be up until now. It may not be what you presently do for your occupation. It may, like mine, have no definable label. We are talented in so many ways, we each came laden with a host of gifts to offer this world. But what I am talking about is what is calling to you now? What is asking to be emanated to the world through your unique flame? I am being called to focus my heart light on this one thing, this one expression. When you voice it, the tears may come as they did for me. It is so deep and powerful. We are being asked to dare to dig deep and uncover this deepest desire of our heart and bring it to the light of day. To not diffuse it with judgment (How can I claim to be an artist when there are so many great ones in the world?, How can my love of flowers be of note in the scheme of things?) We have to turn off the old records that warn us: “Watch out, you may experience disappointment, you know how painful that can be. You may fail, it is better to play it safe, and be comfortable in the groove you have worn.” Silence those voices with a stern: “No! I am no longer listening. I am tuning my dial to my heart and that is the voice that I shall heed. That is the song that I shall sing. ” Our hearts speak in a tone of love, gentleness, and encouragement. Drink that in deep. Let go of complaining about anything or anyone. Let go of the critic in your head. Let go of the idea of suffering. Let go of your old stories. Let go of excuses as to why you can’t. Let go of all that no longer serves your expression of your gift. Be that habits, people, activities. Stand in your truth. Feel into it, moment by moment. There is no road map, that is exactly what makes this time so exciting!


2013 is the year of creation and community. We are the rainbow tribe. How can we co-create this new earth if you do not bring your gift to the table? We are weaving the tapestry of this new world and new human. We need your particular color of thread, the texture you bring to create the beauty that is us. I am a weaver of heartlights. My work needs yours in order to create. We are all interconnected. We feed one another with our essence.


My friend is desiring to dance her dance, the dance that encompasses all of her flames. Her dancing changes the world with its beauty. She dances with life, her every movement in the world, informing the dance that is continually birthed. This is her passion, her gift to the world. Mine is not so definable but it came through loud and clear. I am to be the mother’s light, to be the heart that holds the octaves of sound, allowing the love to infuse the deeper tones and move them into higher registers of light. I am to be the lighthouse of love, of neutrality that embraces all frequencies that exist. To be the breast that the sobbing child flings itself upon, the smile that offers soft encouragement, the eye that sees truth when one rails against the world.


Our pods being drawn together like this group of rocks, singing our tones.
Our pods being drawn together like this group of rocks, singing our tones.

This expression is the thing that you do with no thought. It is natural for you, it moves  you with grace. This is not to say that it is easy. It asks of you total focus. It asks to be embodied each moment of every day. It is the lover you wish to shine for, it calls out what you knew not you had in you. It asks for me to be the divine human that I am. As we each embody this essence, it acts as a beacon. Each heart sends out its tone that draws to it, like a moth to a flame, all others who carry a resonate tone. This is how we discover our soul family and how we will be met by our other half who carries the same tone. Can you imagine the joy of finally being met on every level of your being? That time is arriving at our shores. By becoming our truth, so fully breathing it in the world, we are putting out the call. We are calling to all those who speak our language of light. Our tribes will come together, creating communities focused on central themes. We will play in the co-creative energies and rest deeply in the love shared.


Life is a symphony waiting to be played, movement by movement, note by note. All comes into harmony in the most glorious sound that fills the heavens. It is time to play our notes with all that we have. Our Creator stands, baton in hand, to conduct the song of the new earth.



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