“Girls and Boys” – Poem


Girls used to be taught to be lady like and clean

Boys are still to be rough or tough and say what they mean

Girls were once quiet ssshhhh don’t make too much noise

But boys have always loved violent things you can see it in their toys


Girls should keep their rooms organized and neat

If boys run around without shoes on their dirty feet

Girls aren’t taught to cook anymore or set the table

Look at boys who are inside playing video games and watching cable

Do Girls any longer primp like the once famous Betty Grable?

Or Boys groom themselves like the deceased Clark Gable


Girls grown up like Martha Stewart, for lying can be sent to jail

While boys like Snoop Dogg or Lion while accused of murder only left a paper trail

Girls are skewed as less feminine for working which shouldn’t be one would think

And boys really aren’t less masculine just for wearing the color pink


Girls please tell them who you want to become maybe an actor

Boys let them know you choose a career in make up like the famous Max Factor

Girls can play sports for cramps in our lockers we have Midol

And boys who want to sing can audition for American Idol


Yes girls and boys have many differences exploited for profit by us

This is why we grow up to become men from Mars and women from Venus



By Deborah McCreath-Akbar ©



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